Monday, June 22, 2009

Las Vegas You Gives What You Want

Wine, women and song. And that’s only the beginning. Las Vegas gives you that and a heckuva lot more. The Las Vegas Strip could easily be declared one of the wonders of the new world, thanks to its monstrous marquees, fascinating hotels and the kaleidoscope effect of its millions of dazzling lights.

There’s a lot more to Vegas than fast-paced video poker, doubling down on ten or eleven and rolling the dice. The city has some of the most amazing restaurants, a closet full of world famous chefs and nightclubs that would put New York and South Beach to shame. And if you called an Escort service to request a female companion in the Big Apple or the colorful South Beach area, we guarantee that the honeys you met in either one of those places can’t hold a candle to a sexy exotic Vegas escort.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Las Vegas After Dark

When you drive or walk down the Las Vegas strip during the day you see lots of fanny packs, shorts, strollers, and cameras. Make the same trip at night and it's a totally different story. You will see every sort of freak doing every sort of thing. Drunks, drugs, fights, and yes even public sex at the right moments. When people use the phrase, "different as day and night" they really have no idea how right they are.