Friday, September 11, 2009

Crazy Vegas Girls

So, the boys are going to do Vegas? Let's not get crazy, if it's you and the guys things might get out of hand, but you should have a plan. If anyone ends up in jail just don't tell the wives and the girlfriends because they will never let you back out of the cave. The best thing to do is plan a party in your room, including having the hottest girls in Vegas. There are plenty of websites that offer these girls you want at your party. Check it out!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Just threw out lovely looking but completely uninterested 'lady' that charged me $1250 for the worst and most expensive wank in my life. She did not have condom, lied to me about how long I would have with her and had her mobile phone ringing all the way through. If you are Joe average and son't have $3k to spend don't bother. Biggest waste of money ever! I could have fucked 2 women for 2 hours at home for what she charged for fuck all. I lost interest in her faked shit halfway through and it was a very expensive object lesson! Don't bother. Fairly sure that these blogs are by the girls or their agencies to get people excited. Watch Redtube and have a wank is my recommendation!