Friday, April 16, 2010

Escort Electronics

I'M BACK, LAS VEGAS, I'M BACK! I'm here for the CES convention, its my second year back and I'm ready for everything you got for me. I have to admit that last time I was not prepared for all that you had to offer a newby. I have arrived with great expectations for the next few days that lay ahead of me. I saved up as much extra money as i could and will attempt to party till I'm broke or go home in 3 days. I got the sexiest escort in the entire city reserved to spend the entire 3 days/nights with me. Its not cheap to keep such a lady for 3 whole days, in case you didn't know.
I'm gonna gamble my first day, she cant meet me till about 6pm tonight, we are going to dinner to get to know each other better and then who knows what, I'm gonna let your imagination run wild on that one. I will check back in with you all tomorrow when I have a minute to catch you up on the details.

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